What we do

Together with We Are Era Netherlands, Frequency Digital offers independent and innovative data insights for artists, labels, and others. Via an advanced data platform we aim to provide a user-friendly way to control your data, manage musical rights and revenue.

Validated videos
30 million+
Video views
200 billion+

Digital Rights Management: keep track of your music

We developed a smart Digital Rights Management Tool to make it possible for artists, labels and others to view and manage their content and in-depth data. Which allows you to self-manage results and receive reports and support from our digital management team on a daily basis. This approach to rights management is unique within the music industry.

Capabilities of the Smart Digital Rights Management Tool:

Usage identification

Our system accurately fingerprints your tracks and uses AI-powered ACR technology to detect their usage across the online landscape.

Smart monetization

Monetize only the videos that you want. Effortlessly whitelist channels for your entire catalogue or individual tracks and tailor your claim policy with specific crediting keywords.

In-depth reporting

Access detailed YouTube analytics: revenue estimates, claim counts, view ranges and identify your top music users.

Publishing administration: get support managing your musical administrative workload

Global publishing administration

Frequency Digital controls and protects artists’ music rights and keeps them safe from all online fingerprinting systems on a worldwide scale. Through our system, we offer a certain level of security applied to the entire music catalogue and therefore all managed releases.


Our backend platform offers a straightforward yet comprehensive overview of your accounting. Whenever your song is synchronised in any visual media format, such as TV shows or videogames, we record both the music and its metadata. This approach makes it easy to monitor all activities and details, including the income generated from synchronisation, through our backend system.


We pitch your music to a broad network of curators and industry professionals via our B2B clients. This includes exploring opportunities for syncs on advertisements, TV shows, films, videogames and more. Musicians and writers can benefit from our tech-driven approach and long-term relations with partners, as we make sure that all types of publishing royalties are tracked down and paid out.

Label services
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